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English Gambling Education Mark Logo
Developing a Quality Mark

The Gambling Education Quality Mark is a standard, giving schools an ideal way to evidence and promote their approach to gambling harm prevention for students, parents, and other stakeholders. 

This brand-new award for schools is available through the English Gambling Education Hub, a project funded by GambleAware. Ygam and GamCare as national partners, in collaboration with other local partners Aquarius, ARA, Beacon Counselling Trust, NECA and Breakeven were tasked with bringing to life the English Gambling Education Hub. The online portal for the hub officially launched in October 2023 hosting a matchmaking facility for professionals seeking gambling education and support, a quality assurance service for gambling harm prevention training, a film competition for young people, an eLearning programme, and a quality mark for schools. 

The idea to create a quality mark came from the work being done in schools to raise awareness of gambling related harm. For several years teachers had been attending Ygam’s workshops around gambling harm prevention and accessing a comprehensive and complimentary bank of resources mapped to the PSHE National Curriculum, which allowed them to deliver lessons on the topic to children and young people. We thought this required some form of recognition, so the Gambling Education Quality Mark was introduced. 

The process of creating the quality mark took nine months, starting with research to see if there was anything similar on the market, scoping to determine its remit and consultation with internal and external stakeholders. Some of the stakeholders involved were internal staff who were previously teachers, a Lead Ofsted Inspector, the PSHE Association, Safeguarding Leads in schools and Heads of Primary and Secondary schools.  

Drawing on their expertise, we established that there would be one level to achieve within the quality mark, it would last for two years, and there would be an opportunity to submit additional evidence if unsuccessful the first time. Crucially, the quality mark would be provided at no cost to schools to remove any financial barriers to engagement.  

Establishing the actual criteria was the most difficult part of the process as we wanted to ensure that gambling harm prevention was embedded throughout the school, not just as a topic in a PSHE lesson. We wanted to know that gambling harm prevention was important to the school’s leadership team and to be sure that key messages were disseminated to staff and parents, to demonstrate a clear impact on students and the wider school community.  

Finally, we settled on 16 criteria within 4 Standards: 

  • Curriculum & Teaching 
  • Leadership & Governance 
  • Engagement & Inclusion 
  • Application & Impact. 

As part of the development, we designed and launched a user-friendly online portal where schools could access guidance, view the criteria, and see examples of possible evidence. Schools can also use this to submit their own evidence for assessment and explain how they believe it meets the criteria specifically.  

The Gambling Education Quality Mark is now live and open to all types of schools in England, where at least one member of staff has completed Ygam’s training. With interest in gaining the award growing, we are excited at the prospect of many more schools applying for the Gambling Education Quality Mark.  

If you are interested in finding out more about the Gambling Education Quality Mark, please visit the English Gambling Education Quality Mark page on our website

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