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‘How effective is collaboration around young people and gambling harms?’

English Gambling Education Hub Insights

Networking Event #1 March 2023


The English Gambling Education Hub (EGEH), is a partnership of seven organisations funded by GambleAware (GamCare, Aquarius, ARA – Recovery for All, Beacon Counselling Trust, Breakeven, NECA, and Ygam). This is a new England-wide initiative to bring organisations and resources together to prevent gambling harms in young people. We have created a growing professional Network of gambling educators and those working with or having a responsibility to consider young people – all engaged in a national dialogue around putting gambling on the agenda.

It is our hope that, through our close partnerships and cross-sector approach, the EGEH’s impact will be farreaching. Our quarterly events are designed to share learning and insights from our Network professionals, creating a community working together to improve access to services and develop accessible and age-appropriate resources. We will ensure the voices of young people are woven into and are at the heart of the discussion.

Why is this issue important?

In 2022, the Gambling Commission estimated that around 30,000 (0.9%) of all young people aged 11-16 years were
identified as gambling in a harmful way, with a further 2.4% to be at risk of developing harms in the future.

A commitment to collaboration

On the 7th of March, the EGEH hosted its first network event, which attracted nearly 100 professionals across the education, health, voluntary and local authority sectors. Experts in mental health, suicide prevention, youth work, and those offering training, support, and treatment for gambling-related harms,
all committed to working collaboratively to increase awareness of the risks of gambling amongst young people.

Our aim in the first instance was to introduce our ‘Hub’ to the Gambling Education space; and set out for our stakeholders how important we think collaboration is in meeting our goal; to provide clear, consistent, and quality information to help facilitate and embed gambling education, that is accessible for all. We were met with open ears and minds.

Together, our stakeholders identified four key themes:
  • Collaborating with young people ensures that initiatives designed for them are more likely to achieve their intended impacts.
  • The risks to young people are very real. There are crosssector links between this hidden harm and other risky behaviours and issues for young people. Therefore, collaboration is the key to success.
  • Competing/searching for funding is often a barrier for organisations. To meet the needs of young people we must work together, share resources/work and combine our creativity.
  • We must consider diverse communities; who they are, where they are and how we can connect with them in order to collaborate.

A commitment to engaging young people

As we move forward, we will embed the voice of young people at the heart of our work and our ongoing crosssector discussions. Through GamCare’s Youth Advisory Board, we will ensure that we stay relevant and ahead of the issues affecting young people. The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) are a diverse group of approximately 50 young people from all geographical areas across Britain. Meeting twice per week, they give their time to comment on the issues facing young people and with the YAB’s help we can offer our professional stakeholders a clearer understanding of the risks faced.

“How do you communicate with young people effectively if you do not regard their input on what works and what does not work?”


Barriers and enablers

Our stakeholders identified several barriers and enablers to collaboration which will help us forge this work forward.

What are our stakeholders’ hopes and aspirations for the English Gambling Education Hub?

Recommendations and next steps

At our first event, our Youth Facing Professionals recommended that we take action as the EGEH across four headline areas:

1. Exploring ways to create collaborative partnerships, to expand reach and combine messaging.
2. Consulting with young people to enhance and improve offers for them.
3. Exploring which communities and young people are not being reached and why.
4. Exploring ways to connect with those communities.

The table below presents a more detailed overview of our Youth Facing Professionals’ hopes and aspirations for the EGEH activities over the coming weeks and months and how, working together, we can realise those aspirations.

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