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Do you deliver youth gambling harms prevention training?

Do you want support on gaining accreditation?

Then sign up to the Quality Assurance Support Package (QASP)  

Provided by the English Gambling Education Hub, the QASP is a free set of resources designed to support training providers to gain accreditation for their gambling harms training provision. 

Who is the QASP for? 

The QASP is for organisations who deliver (or plan to deliver) training around gambling harms for children and young people, either directly or to professionals working with the children and young people. 

    What does the QASP include?


    • The Training Accreditation Webinar with our Accreditation Lead will provide an overview of the process of gaining course accreditation with Awarding Organisations and Accreditation Services. Sessions are available regularly.
    • Following attendance on the webinar you will have access to guidance and a set of resources to support the accreditation process.
    • The opportunity to discuss queries around accreditation on a one-to-one basis with our Accreditation Team, who are experienced in the quality assurance of training programmes.

    How will the QASP help your organisation?

    Gain knowledge of the options and procedures for securing external accreditation or assurance for your training or events.

    Access one to one guidance for specific queries during the approval process. 

    Learn how to consolidate or improve your current practice in training management and delivery.

    Who provides the support? 

    Support is provided by Ygam, one of the English Gambling Education Hub national delivery partners. Ygam is an award-winning national charity with a mission to prevent children and young people from experiencing gaming and gambling harms through awareness raising, education and research.

    Through a portfolio of evidence -based education programmes, Ygam delivers City & Guilds Assured courses to youth facing professionals, aimed at preventing gambling harms.  

    The guidance will be delivered by our Accreditation Team, who have experience working with several Awarding Organisations. 


    Can I choose my own Awarding Organisation or Accreditation Service?

    Yes, the advice given through QASP is impartial and will not direct you to any particular Awarding Organisation or Accreditation Service.

    Will I be supported through approval with an Awarding Organisation?

    No, your organisation will need to follow the specific approval process of your chosen Awarding Organisation or Accreditation Service independently.  

    QASP gives training providers an overview of what to expect within the approval process and advice on preparing for it, based on common practice. 

    How can I access the QASP?

    To attend a Training Accreditation Webinar fill in the booking form below, selecting a date that suits you.

    Following this and the completion of a short survey you will be emailed links to the quality assurance guide and templates. If you would like to book a one-to-one guidance session, this can be arranged by email. 

    If you would like to speak to one of the Accreditation Team before booking a webinar get in touch with us here.

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