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#SponsoredPost – advertising, content, influencing and… gambling?

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Is there a difference between influencing and advertising when it comes to gambling?

The English Gambling Education Hub invites you to join our next event on gambling-like behaviour, where we will delve into the perhaps more insidious areas of influence for young people and some of the advertising methods young people are exposed to. We know companies are using ever more subtle ways of targeting young people online, and that this often goes hand in hand with traditional forms of advertising offline. But do young people understand this in their interactions with online content?

We will focus on the shift between traditional advertising and different forms, including influencing and content marketing on social media; how influencers earn by creating content and how popular culture therefore encourages gambling-like behaviour. Finally, why the lack of advertising regulation poses a huge threat for young people. This event is for anyone working with young people and wondering how gambling fits into the wider digital landscape. We will take forward our insights into a consensus of opinion and to develop some recommendations and guidance for best practice.

For further information, please contact the English Gambling Education Hub, via email: egeh@gamcare.org.uk