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What do video games, fast fashion & cryptocurrency have to do with Gambling

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By popular demand we are back, giving those who missed it a chance to explore how prevalent gambling-like behaviour is for young people today. Looking at everything from loot boxes in games, to fast fashion incentives, to how the rise of Cryptocurrency has opened trading up to a new generation.

For many young people, gambling terms are everywhere – a part of our vocabulary without even knowing it; “I bet you didn’t know…”, “what are the odds?”, “keeping your cards close to your chest”… But how often do young people use the term ‘gambling’? With the lines blurred between gaming, gambling and wider digital harms, does the word gambling hold any relevance for today’s young people? And if not, how do we, as professionals, speak to them about it?

Join us to hear from Leon Xiao (PhD Fellow at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark), about the link between gaming and gambling like behaviours. We will also hear from Connor Sephton, a cryptocurrency journalist whose expertise on Cryptocurrency will help demystify it and its potential for harm. We’ll discuss fast fashion and how it uses gambling-like activities to draw customers in and hear about the real support young people need. For this, we are delighted to welcome back GamCare’s Youth Advisory Board to share their insightful reflections on the true issues they face in a modern digital space.

If you want to know how to talk to young people about this fascinating topic and what young people are experiencing, please join us. This event is for anyone working with young people and wondering how gambling fits into the wider digital landscape.

For further information, please contact the English Gambling Education Hub, via email: egeh@gamcare.org.uk